Hello world!

Paragraph 1

Would any of you guys lend a ear and listen to what I have to say? It might be really selfish of me to just talk about myself (how concieted of me), so I'll try to keep this short and simple. It all happened yesterday, and something I was anticipating did come, but I just wasn't really happy about the outcome. Has this ever happened to you? When you know what to expect, but some obstacles that get in your way prevents you from reacting how you would think? Sometimes that gets on my nerves, because I never would have expected that to happen to me. Other times I would be pleasantly surprised, depending on the situation I'm in. But not yesterday. Yesterday was an important day. For mew that is. I already know what would happen. Get out of class, play in the tennis tournament, perhaps loose, congratulate the winner, and go home and continue having a good day. After conducting a thorough analysis on the possible factors that would ruin my day, I was determined that my day would go just as fine, because I was able to predict the unexpected, or well, as least some of them. And sometimes, when I prime myself to see the possible worst in some situations, it always turn out well. Some say it's the compleye opposite, but I do think it's true. So, following according to plan, I excused myself from my third period and went directly to the office. I was ready to confront my fist obstacle. I already knew about this ever since Monday, but due to shock and communicating errors, I wasn't able to resolve this problem. Determined, but with a hint of hesitation building up, I strolled in before I could run back out. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do anything to help with my case, so I was already down in the dunps. But I wasn't ready to have that ruin my day. Not after how much effort it took me to prepare my self esteem.

Paragraph 2

Where was I again? Oh right, I wasn continuing on what I have to say. Don'y worry! It won't take long. As I was saying, my mood was already crippled, and once my mood drops, it is extremely difficult to lift it up again.