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What's going on?

Centered around the animal kingdom, within a bustling city, is where we can find the heart of Zootopia. Well known for its technological advancements, superb buildings, and police patroling, young bunny Judy Hopps has her mind set in going there one day to fulfill her lifelong dream at being a person *ahem*, animal who helps others in need of assistance and establish a safe atmosphere for all citizens. That is, becoming a police officer. With dedication and committment to stay close to her dream, she surpasses all the students in her police school, even becoming the valedictorian in her class! Her dream finally comes true as she landed her first career as one of the highly-respected cop in the city. However, things did not go as planned when she was given the job as a meter maid, the last job she would have thought of. Desperately wanting to prove herself, she gambled her postiton as a officer to solve a crime that hasn't been solved by other fellow cops in weeks. Along the journey, she face head-to-head with a sly fox (Nick), who reluctantly joins her in her journey to find the culprit. Through facing terrors at a naturalist club where members bare it all, slow but steady deduction with the help of sloths running a plate number (boy, did that take hours, literally!), and interrogation with the feared crime boss (Mr. Big, but actually a shrew), Judy and Nick conquer all obstacles, and in the end will have a great story to tell!

Background Infomation

Year it came out(theathers):Mar 4, 2016
(DVD):Jun 6, 2016
Director: Byron Howard , Rich Moore , Jared Bush
Genre: Action & Adventure , Animation , Comedy
Rating: PG (with use of some mild language, concerned action and humor)
How many liked it?: 216 out of 220 (according to https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/zootopia)

Credited actors!

Ginnifer Goodwin as Judy Hopps

Jason Bateman as Nick Wilde

Jenny Slate as Assitant Mayor Bellweather

Idris Elba as Chief Bogo

My thoughts? :)

As a result of watching the movie, I was overall very impressed on the structure and character devoplement happening across. The visual detail was beyond words, as every scene seemed like it was given a lot of attention and thought. The plot could be easily told, and moral of the story taught many how to to pursue your dream, and to never give up. The story of the movie was so intricate many were impressed at how realistic everything turned out. With funny actions, comebacks, and scenes, it kept the entire audience bursting with laughter. The movie swayed many emotions. All of us were extremely sympathetic at one point, and trying to keep from laughing at another. This very comdeic and adventerous movie kept me on the edge of the seat, anticipating what would happen next, and being excited when it came out. What made me enjoy this movie a lot was the time and effort put on it. Different than other movies, I was completely absorbed in, acting as if I was an animal watching the entire plot unfold within. I could watch Zootopia countless times and still be amazed by it all. This is a movie I would definitely want my family to watch at home.

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