My Favorite Pet


If I had to choose, I would probably pick a pet that doesn't require much work to take care of. In the midst of high school, hours of our time is dedicated to studying, doing homework, and other extra curricular activites. While some people can easily handle their tasks with ease, I am not those type of people. If I can barely do the minumum of what is given, what are the chances of taking care of a pet at the same time? Although when I was little, I had always wanted a dog. Seening kids play with them made me yearn for one as well. A caring and loyal companion that can listen willfully to your problems and comfort you without words is something I really wanted to have. I remember my fourth grade years when I fipped through magazines about the species of dogs, how to take care of them, and where to buy them. Though I pleaded, my wish was never granted. At that time, I couldn't understand why my parents didn't wanted me to have a dog. It just wasn't fair. Almost everyone had one, so why couldn't I. The mere thought sticked to me until elementary ended.


When middle school strucked me, I was surprise at how little time I could do I things I wanted. It was always hitting the books once I came home, and I still had to suqeeze piano and tennis in my spare time. I had no time to myself. After reflecting the year before, when I wanted a dog desperately, I felt relieved. A dog was too much for me to handle. There came so much respondsiblities with it. Besides feeding it, you have to look after it as it it was a child. I would feel bad for my parents if I had a dog. They would have to take care of it in my stead, because for most kids, dogs are for playing. After a few days, the children neglect their responsibilities, and all the work is thrown to the parents. Now it wasn't fair for my parents.

Paragraph 3

So what do I want then? Hmmm.....probably a fish. :)