Who She Has Worked With

As one of the most famous classical-dubstep musicians, Lindsey Stirling has broken throught barriers to get where she is today. Ever since her debut started, she has been wowing the audience with her expressive pieces with a powerful addtion to it. Her videos usually feature herself only, but there are some songs that included famous singers and bands as well. In one of her most popular songs, Shatter Me, Lindsey paired up with Lzzy Hale, a famouse singer and songwriter. Together, they created a song that impressed the audience greatly. The video on Youtube has a total of 61 million views, and was nominated for the BillBoard Music Awards, German Echo Music Awards, Teen Choice Awards, and much more! She has won numerous awards, one appearing in an honorable mention of the Children/Young Adult Arab American Book Awards. Her talent has amazed many, and she continues to surprise us with her melodic music compisitions. Some songs where she paired up with Pentatonix, to create an instrumental version of Radioactive. Also, John Legend has been featured in one of her videos, All of Me, where Lindsey created a melodic accompiantmant to the song.

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